Kamikoto 7-Inch Santoku Chef's Knife

7-Inch Santoku Chef's Knife Discount price - Made to order (Ready to ship on June 30th 2017)

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Get your 83% off Made-to-Order Kamikoto Japanese steel knives set now. Kamikoto knives are made from high-quality steel sourced in Honshu 本州, Japan – and made for a lifetime, the perfect balance of strength and aesthetic beauty.

Over a thousand years of craftsmanship have inspired the final form of the Kamikoto Santoku, a handmade steel blade that will stand the test of time. The Santoku features high-quality steel from Honshu 本州, Japan – a steel with high corrosion resistance and durability. Each blade completes a rigorous quality assurance process, and is tested and retested to ensure it meets the distinction and caliber of Kamikoto 神箏.

The Kamikoto Santoku blade is 7 inches long – taper ground on one side, and hollow ground on the other. Both blade and handle are satin finished for a subtle, yet stunning luster. This exquisite knife comes in a natural-colored ash wood box for storage and safekeeping. The Santoku handle is secure with a non-slip surface and is carefully sized to keep your hand from touching the cutting surface. You can tell the quality of Kamikoto 神箏 by the feel it gives you: substantial, yet light; slender, sharp, and fluid. Each knife is precision balanced and weighted for functionality and long-lasting performance. The Kamikoto 神箏 Santoku Chef’s Knife is made for a lifetime of use and excellent handling. 


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