Kamikoto | 神箏

Masters of Tradition

Kamikoto | 神箏

Handmade by Master Knifesmiths

Kamikoto | 神箏

Built on a Legacy of Excellence

The Spirit of Craftsmanship

Kamikoto is a maker of Japanese-style knives – crafted from high-quality steel sourced from Honshu 本州, Japan. Kamikoto knives are made for a lifetime, the perfect balance of strength and aesthetic beauty. Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and stays true to Honshu’s 本州 century-old legacy of steel-making excellence, to create knives of exceptional quality and beauty.



The finest knives I've ever owned… well-balanced and retain their edges really well.

Kenneth B.

Great knives, super sharp, and have a great feel to them. I use mine almost every day… highly recommended.

Thomas G.

Beautiful knife set with gorgeous display… solid and reliable for everyday use.

Hillary H.


TOKYO. The journey from apprentice to master knifesmith is a long and difficult path that takes patience, determination and commitment. Kazuomi Yamamoto, a fourth-generation knifesmith and Chairman, Kamikoto Advisory Board, shares his story.   

The Way of the Blade. Making blades by hand is a rare and exacting skill. As dedicated practitioners, Kamikoto’s bladesmiths ensure the art survives and flourishes. It’s a skill that requires great precision and care, and Kamikoto’s apprentices can take several years to learn their trade. “The skill of the craftsman resides in being able to get the most out of the steel he is handling,” says master bladesmith Kazuomi Yamamoto, Chairman, Kamikoto Advisory Board. “If a craftsman’s goal is to make the most of the steel, he has to first perfect the forging process. My master used to say that it was better to observe the techniques of others, than be taught verbally. So, I took his advice to heart.” The simplest skills are usually the toughest, and learning to master the basic skills often means years of hard, patient effort. “As apprentices, we are taught by our masters never to feel satisfied with our own work. This means we keep learning and perfecting. When making knives, I find it useful to put myself in the shoes of our clients and think about what they need. It makes me very happy to hear a customer compliment a knife we have made or say they are impressed with how smoothly our knives cut. This is what gives me joy and pride in my work. It’s a good feeling.”

Traditional Craftsmanship

Forged Honshu 本州 Steel

Made for the Connoisseur