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A Unique Tool - Kamikoto's Most Popular Knives and Knife Sets

While there are many products in Kamikoto's catalogue of blades that have garnered the Japanese online knife retailer acclaim by restaurateurs and knife enthusiasts the world over, two or three stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The seven-inch Nakiri vegetable knife has made quite a splash in certain elevated circles within the gourmet restaurant industry. Some of the world's foremost chefs have made on-the-record statements praising the model, especially with regard to its design and physical composition. In the words of Josh Hershkovitz, owner, proprietor, and head chef of Hersh's, a staple of the Baltimore, Maryland restaurant scene and a listed member of the 100 best restaurants in America as compiled by Forbes, "(a)s soon as I picked up the Nakiri, the weight and balance told me I was going to love it. Anything I cut with the Nakiri feels like slicing through soft butter with that wonderful blade."


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