Toishi Sharpening Whetstone 1000/3000

Toishi Sharpening Whetstone 1000/3000

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A sharp knife makes kitchen preparation a task to look forward to. Our Toishi Sharpening Whetstone is designed to keep high-quality knives sharp and ready to cut. The Toishi Sharpening Whetstone sits on a beautiful wooden bamboo stand and features two sides – one with a coarse grit to grind away any roughness, and the other with a fine grit that sharpens and polishes the edge. The finer the grit, the finer the edge on your knife. The sturdy wooden stand holds the whetstone safely in place so you can concentrate on gaining the sharpest edge possible.

A good whetstone and a little practice are all you need to keep your knives in perfect condition. The key is to maintain the right angle and keep it consistent as you sharpen. The Toishi Sharpening Whetstone comes with a set of detailed instructions on its use for the best possible results.

  • Kamikoto – Toishi Sharpening Whetstone 1000/3000
  • 1000 grit and 3000 grit sides
  • Sharpening your knives regularly will keep them razor sharp and ensure longevity
  • Bamboo display stand
  • Simple, detailed instruction guide is included

*Pictured knife not included with purchase


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